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    Adrift From The Tide - Absent Are The Anchors

    Check out these sexy dudes.

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  3. My band has Tumblr…

    Tell your friends to follow us, We’re awesome



    Follow us, Please?

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  4. We’ve had our page since April and we have this many likes, That’s crazy to us<3

    We’ve had our page since April and we have this many likes, That’s crazy to us<3

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  5. We have Twitter @aataband

    Follow us!

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  6. "Anchor"


    1. any of various devices dropped by a chain, cable, or rope to the bottom of a body of water for preventing or restricting the motion of a vessel or other floating object, typically having broad, hooklike arms that bury themselves in the bottom to provide a firm hold.

    2. any similar device for holding fast or checking motion: an anchor of stones.

    We all have some sort of anchor to keep us here and keep us sane.  Be that music, friends, family, or anything in between.  But what happens when the anchors are absent?  Everything crashes and burns.  Anxiety sets in and we lose all control.  We become our own worst enemy.  I, personally, am a prime example.  I like to write about these situations.  Be that a break up, a tragedy, becoming astray from God, and everything in between.  With that being said, the name Absent Are The Anchors means a lot to me on a very personal level.  I realize I’m not the most talented musician or writer alive, but if just one of our songs can reach out to someone on a deep and meaningful level, then I feel accomplished.  I LOVE music and everything that it stands for.  To all of you who have listened to our songs and taken something from one of them, thank you so much.  I love and appreciate you for your support.  We will keep writing, keep recording, and keep our heads up high.  We will make something of this band.  Believe that.

    When your anchors are absent, you realize just who you really are inside.  You see your vulnerability, your fears, and your true self surface. 


    Straight from the man himself, Kyle. Not James. 

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  7. Check this song out, Give us feedback please, Reblog this, Like it.. Tell a friend! SOMETHING!:)

    Adrift From The Tide - Absent Are The Anchors; Wreckage EP


    one more chance

    to tell the truth

    how can you lay claim

    to this throne

    with no structures

    you lose stability

    I know you like

    the back of my hand

    I can see depletion

    seeping through

    remorse, no remorse

    you’re nothing, no worth

    oh my, I wish you could see

    the damage you bring

    and oh my, I wish you knew

    the disdain I have for you

    I am a ship in a dark sea

    this compass has failed to guide me

    these words you breathe

    a breath of lies

    I see you

    for all that you are

    you’re nothing


    waves lead me astray

    and you are the storm

    my hope’s a casualty

    but your endeavors

    will not end well, dear

    beloved memories

    intent on tragedy

    I can see right through

    your hollowed eyes

    your hollowed eyes

    your bloodshot lies

    blatantly leading you

    blatantly leading you


    I am a ship in a dark sea

    this compass has failed to guide me

    these words you breathe

    a breath of lies

    I see you

    for all that you are

    you’re nothing

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  8. Here is some information about our band for anyone who is wondering!

    Well, we have exciting news!!! That news is…..We, Absent Are The Anchors, have a NEW PERMANENT drummer. Please welcome Matt Crawford to the AATA family. ALSO, we are currently practicing for shows and hope to have our first show back in mid-February to early March. Thank you all for your continued support.

    Now for background information!

    Release Date
    Melodic Metal
    Kyle B | Vocals
    James| Vocals
    Austin | Guitar
    Ben | Guitar
    Kyle A | Bass/Clean Vocals
    Matt | Drums
    Rockmart,GA; Boaz, Alabama
    Record Label
    Through this tide, we are together..Side by side.
    Absent Are The Anchors is a 6 piece band that LOVES music.
    Absent Are The Anchors formed in September 2010. What started out as Some Say Tragedy with Kyle Berry on vocals and Austin Taylor on full instrumentals is now a 6 piece band looking to make a name for themselves. They just released their debut EP “Wreckage” with Mono Studios in Rainbow City, AL on December 25, 2011. The current lineup consists of Kyle Berry and James Robinson on vocals, Austin Taylor and Ben Jones on guitars, Kyle Adams on Bass/Clean Vocals, and Matt Crawford on drums. 

    Absent Are The Anchors has played 2 shows and had 3 songs air on the radio in the state of Alabama. 

    Wreckage is out now and soon to be on Itunes. We’re going to record our DEBUT FULL-LENGTH in 2012. There has been no mention of songs, an album title, or shows just yet, but expect so much more from this band in the very near future.
    Current Location
    Rockmart, Georgia; Boaz, Alabama
    General Manager
    Kyle Berry; Austin Taylor; James Robinson
    Artists We Also Like
    We Came As Romans; 36 Crazyfists; Trivium; As I Lay Dying; Breaking Benjamin; Seether; The Acacia Strain, 
    Each member has a different background of music. The top 3 influences for each member is as follows:

    Kyle Berry- Seether, 36 Crazyfists, Flaw

    James Robinson- Four Year Strong, Bran New, Say Anything

    Austin Taylor- Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin

    Ben Jones- War of Ages, Born Of Osiris, Trivium

    Kyle Adams- Green Day, Blink 182, Mudvayne

    Matt Crawford- Metallica, Pantera, Killswitch Engage
    Band Interests
    Website Press Contact
    Austin Taylor; austintaylor17@aol.com; Kyle Berry; kyleberry224@yahoo.com; James Robinson; bzjamesrobinson@yahoo.com
    Booking Agent
    Kyle Berry; Austin Taylor; James Robinson; Ben Jones; Kyle Adams
    So tell us, Are we any of you guys favorite band? :)

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  9. We want to see all of our fans in a pit!

    We want to see all of our fans in a pit!

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  10. We haven’t posted in a while. We’ll do that now!

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